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Leading supply chain innovation 

Revolutionizing the supply chain industry, our specialized ERP solutions at ezAtlas integrate cutting-edge AI technology. This enterprise-grade, scalable platform empowers businesses to streamline operations and navigate market intricacies swiftly. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction propels us to deliver tools that foster operational excellence in today’s rapidly evolving global market

Powering tomorrow’s enterprises.

05 NOV
Company Launch

Launched with a focus on E-Procurement solutions, emphasizing simplicity and enhanced UX.

01 APR
First Client 

Secured our first major client on our E-Procurement platform. 

01 APR
Asset Management Launch

Introduced state-of-the-art IT Asset Management (ITAM) with ten successful implementations. 

01 JAN
 Innovation Milestone 

Launched Source-to-Pay (S2P) and material management systems. 

01 DEC
 Customer Champion Award
and Technology Excellence 

Recognized as the year’s best software service provider. 

01 DEC
Technology Excellence 

Achieved integration with Oracle EBS, SAP NetWeaver integration. 

01 JUN
Cloud ready for enterprise applications 

Atlas PMS, an Enterprise Grade Source-to-Pay Application, has been launched, catering to diverse business needs in Private Cloud and SaaS formats. 


01 JAN
SaaS module implementation

Launched and integrated SaaS model for SMB & SME  

01 APR
Tech advancement 

Enhanced Spring Boot and React integration, adopted hybrid database approach, and launched 'ez-mobile' for improved mobile access. 

Continuous Innovation with Gen AI capabilities 

Advancing solutions with Gen AI and launching a Distribution Management System (DMS) for the downstream supply chain. 

Gen AI capabilities

Unleash transformative Gen AI solutions for ERP systems, aligning with simplified processes and seamless user experiences.

Integrated and Optimized Operations

Ezatlas enhances ERP systems with seamless integrations, reducing performance errors, optimizing operations, and ensuring GST compliance.

Advanced Data Management

Features like illustrative dashboards, bulk data uploads, and instant request handling empower decision-making and improve operational transparency.

Robust Security and Customization

Offering secure login with Keycloak, SAML 2.0 & Open ID, role-based authentication, and customizable user permissions, Ezatlas prioritizes data security and operational flexibility.

Proactive Management Tools

Enabled with compliance tracking, detailed financial reports, and real-time alerts, to manage resources effectively and respond swiftly to changes.

Capabilities at a glance

Shaping tech - driven solutions around you

Our Vision

Become a leading pioneer in SAAS innovation, creating paradigm-shifting technology solutions and leading positive change in the way businesses manage their operations around the world.

Our Mission

Empowering Businesses: Provides SAAS solutions that empower businesses from various industries with effective, efficient and easy to integrate tools.

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Our Story

"The journey of a Software as a Service (SAAS) agency may have started with a vision and passion to bring digital transformation to various industries. Let us name this agency as "Zaash Agency."

With great enthusiasm, the Zaash team started developing our first SAAS product. It is a Business Project Management platform designed to help businesses manage tasks, team collaboration and track project progress efficiently. The development process involved market analysis, intuitive user interface design, and easy-to-use integration.

As time goes by Zaash remains committed to being a pioneer in the world of SAAS. They continually explore the potential of new technologies and strive to create solutions that help businesses around the world achieve their highest levels of performance.

This journey story reflects the passion, innovation and perseverance of a SAAS agency committed to bringing positive change through advanced technology solutions.

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Founder & CEO

Sukant Samaiyar

HR, Operation head & Co-founder

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