Distribution Management System

Effortless distribution management with intelligent automation 

Witness the next generation of distribution management solutions powered by cutting-edge Gen AI technology. Our Distribution Management System (DMS) transforms the way you manage and optimize your distribution processes, focusing on efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making. This AI-driven DMS streamlines your supply chain operations from end to end, empowering your business with intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and real-time insights. 

Empowering distributors with

AI infused intelligent management system

Sales and distribution 

Manage sales order generation, forecasting, and team performance efficiently. Empower your sales force with tools to drive growth and operational excellence. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) 

Manage customer information, track interactions, and handle inquiries seamlessly. Deliver personalized service and improve customer satisfaction with Gen AI insights. 

Pricing and discounts 

Effortlessly manage pricing strategies, discounts, promotions, and special offers. Implement dynamic pricing that responds to market conditions and customer demand. 

Route planning and optimization 

Plan delivery routes, optimize schedules, and manage transportation logistics. Improve delivery efficiency and reduce costs with AI-driven insights. 

Financial management 

Streamline invoicing, billing, accounts receivable, and financial reporting. Gain real-time financial insights to make informed decisions and maintain financial health. 

Analytics and reporting 

Gain actionable insights through data analysis on sales performance and inventory levels. Make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and drive business growth. 

Supplier management 

Track supplier performance, handle procurement processes, and manage interactions efficiently. Strengthen your supply chain with reliable and strategic supplier partnerships. 

Compliance and regulations

Manage documentation, safety requirements, and legal compliance seamlessly. Ensure adherence to industry regulations and standards to mitigate risks. 



Streamline operations, enhance supply chain efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Managers

Optimize inventory levels, reduce lead times, and ensure seamless logistics.

Sales Teams

Increase productivity, track performance, and drive sales growth with automated tools.

Finance Teams

Manage invoicing, billing, and financial reporting with real-time insights for better decision-making.

Procurement Officers

Strengthen supplier relationships, manage procurement processes, and optimize spending.

Compliance Officers

Ensure adherence to industry regulations, manage documentation, and mitigate compliance risks.

Drive operational excellence in

distribution with Gen AI

Atlas DMS Other DMS


Advanced automation that reduces                         manual tasks.

Basic automation that requires                              significant manual intervention.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics for smarter forecasting.

Limited to historical data analysis.
Real-Time Insights

Real-time data and insights for                                 informed decisions.

No real-time data updates

Seamlessly integration with all ERP systems            and other software.

Limited integration capabilities and                     additional customization.


Optimized workflows with intelligent                         automation.

Less advanced workflow optimization                  often results in inefficiencies.

Inventory Management

AI enhanced space optimization to reduce             stockouts

Prone to errors and inefficiencies.

Order Processing

  Automate the entire order-to-cash cycle. 

Requires more manual work, leading to              inefficiencies.


AI to plan efficient delivery routes and                     reducing costs

Basic route planning system

Customer Relationship Management

Personalized customer interactions and                 insights with AI-driven CRM

Basic CRM features without advanced                predictive insights.

Financial Management

Real-time financial insights with                                  automated invoicing and billing 

Financial processes are more manual                  and  less efficient. 

Compliance and Regulations

Ensured industry compliance with  auto                  checks & documentation .

Standard documentation and basic                   compliance management


Highly scalable to meet the growing needs            of business

Significant manual intervention and                   customization.

User Experience

Intuitive user experience with AI assistance.

Less intuitive interfaces and more training.

  • Advanced automation that reduces manual tasks.
  • Predictive analytics for smarter forecasting.
  • Real-time data and insights for informed decisions.
  • Automate the entire order-to-cash cycle. 
  • Seamlessly integration with all ERP systems and other software.
  • AI enhanced space optimization to reduce stockouts
  • Optimized workflows with intelligent  automation.
  • AI to plan efficient delivery routes and reducing costs
  • Personalized customer interactions and insights with AI-driven CRM
  • Real-time financial insights with automated invoicing and billing processes.
  • Highly scalable to meet the growing needs of business
  • Intuitive user experience with AI assistance.
  • Ensured industry compliance with automated checks & documentation management.

Customization Features

 Fully customize ez-Asset to meet your unique business needs, providing unlimited user access and adaptable configurations for optimal efficiency. 

Network Discovery System

Utilize ez-Asset’s network discovery to manage hardware budgets effectively, monitor warranty and lease details, and implement strategic asset management to prevent data breaches and save costs. 

Individual and Bulk Scan

Simplify asset tracking with ez-Asset’s precise individual and bulk scanning capabilities, enhancing efficiency and organization in asset management. 

Audit Trail

 Maintain a transparent and accountable audit trail of all asset-related activities with ez-Asset, ensuring compliance and detailed governance from acquisition to disposal. 

Asset History Report

Access detailed asset performance and maintenance history with ez-Asset’s reports, aiding in making informed decisions for better asset lifecycle management. 

Asset Transfer Alert

 Receive real-time alerts on asset transfers with ez-Asset, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing disruptions during transitions. 

Ticket Management

 Quickly address and resolve asset-related issues with ez-Asset’s efficient ticket management system, boosting operational efficiency and asset utilization. 

Asset Allocation

 Strategically allocate assets across different departments or locations using ez-Asset to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. 

Experience simplified and streamlined

asset management solution

Comprehensive modules for efficient distribution management 

Leverage Gen AI technology to provide a seamless, efficient, and intelligent approach to managing your distribution operations. 

Inventory management 

Assuring you of the best of our services. Designed to enhance the efficiency of your downstream supply chain, this module ensures optimal inventory levels, reduces stockouts, and improves overall supply chain visibility. 


Order booking, billing & collection 

Automate and optimize your order-to-cash cycle with our Order Booking, Billing & Collection module. This feature simplifies order processing, billing, and collection, ensuring timely payments and accurate financial records, ultimately enhancing your cash flow management. 

Trade schemes, claims & replenishments 

Efficiently manage your trade promotions, claims, and replenishment processes with our Trade Schemes, Claims & Replenishments module. This module helps you track trade promotions, handle claims efficiently, and ensure timely replenishments to maintain optimal stock levels. 

Sales force automation 

Empower your sales team with our Sales Force Automation module. Equipped with automated tools and processes, this module enhances sales productivity, streamlines sales workflows, and provides real-time insights to drive better decision-making and improved customer interactions. 

FOS management 

Fleet-On-Street (FOS) enhances a Distribution Management System by optimizing the deployment and management of delivery fleets. It involves real-time tracking, route optimization, and maintenance scheduling, ensuring efficient and timely distribution, thereby improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 


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