Case Study

Case Study: Enhancing Compliance and Governance in Asset Management at Toyota

ITSM Services Integration

Toyota, a leading global automaker, faced challenges in aligning its historical asset data with physical assets. This misalignment led to severe compliance and audit issues, resulting in hefty financial penalties and implications. Additionally, Toyota encountered problems with depreciating assets that were no longer physically present, lost, or damaged, further complicating compliance efforts. 


To address these issues, ezAtlas implemented a robust asset management system. This new approach enabled the accurate matching of historical data with physical assets, streamlining the asset management process. The system also allowed for the regularization of asset depreciation practices, ensuring that only existing assets were accounted for, thereby enhancing overall compliance with financial and regulatory standards. 


The introduction of this asset management system transformed Toyota’s audit processes. The audits became fully compliant with the IT Act, maintaining compliance and governance at regular intervals as mandated. Furthermore, Toyota benefited from customized reporting tailored to meet specific internal requirements and audit guidelines. 

By adopting this sophisticated asset management solution, Toyota not only resolved its compliance issues but also established a more efficient and reliable system for managing its vast asset portfolio from procurement to disposal.