Case Study

Case Study: Streamlining Inventory Management at ESSENN & Co

ESSENN & Co: ESSENN Auto CNC, headquartered in Bangalore, is a leading small-scale unit known for exporting precision machined components and assemblies. With over a decade of expertise, the company prides itself on its ISO 9001:2008 certification, highlighting its commitment to quality management systems. 


ESSENN faced significant challenges in inventory management. The inability to effectively track items on the floor led to frequent losses due to spoilage, damage, or theft. This lack of precise inventory tracking caused issues with overstocking and understocking, disrupting production efficiency and impacting operational costs. 


To address these challenges, we introduced a barcode-based tracking system for managing raw materials through to finished goods. Every piece of raw material was tagged at the beginning of the manufacturing process. Upon completion, the finished products were also tracked, ensuring comprehensive oversight throughout the production cycle. 

EzAtlas implemented a mobile-based scanning system was implemented across all branches, enabling ESSENN to maintain a single, reliable source of truth regarding their stock levels. This improved data visibility allowed for better forecasting of inventory needs, well in advance of demand spikes. 


The new inventory management system had a profound impact on ESSENN’s operations. Within just four months of deployment, the company saw a 10% reduction in holding and storage costs. The ability to strategically arrange high-demand items significantly reduced travel time within the facility. Moreover, enhanced inventory estimation and forecasting facilitated a more systematic process, contributing to an improved bottom line.